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Things have changed,
so should your internet.

We believe that everyone should have the ability to connect to the world; to create, share, learn, communicate, and to choose. We want to give the power back to YOU, the user. Through transparent pricing, a customer service oriented philosophy, real choices, and clear control- we deliver a new kind of internet.

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What do we believe?

The way we work and access information has changed dramatically.
Yet our internet services are not prioritizing data privacy and cyber security.
Customer Service
Customer service done right; real people there to assist you with your questions.
At Aurora we are dedicated to true and transparent communication. We'll never give you the run-around and you'll always know your true monthly rates.
We believe when it comes to your privacy it should be you getting to make the decisions. Aurora will never partner with any data brokers, advertisers, or any entities looking to profit off of your privacy.
Cyber Security
Aurora believes in the power of security. Founded by experienced professionals from the electronic security industry we have a baked in focus on your protection.
Superior Quality
Aurora has designed its network with advanced technology custom built for the way today's internet is used- all to make sure you get the best quality of experience (and reliability!) that you need and deserve.
Locally Focused
Nothing beats the care and dedication that comes along with a locally based company. We are dedicated to this community because we are part of this community- stay tuned for the launch of our Empower Norfolk charity initiatives.

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